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Boating with Clyde is a nautical adventure series created by Clyde Petersen. The series features musicians and artists from around the world, performing on the waterways of the Puget Sound. Boating with Clyde began in 2010. Petersen often hosted touring bands at their house, and on their days off on tour, or for a few free hours, they would go boating just for fun in the Washington Park Arboretum. These joyous adventures propelled Clyde with a desire to invite more and more friends and strangers to perform on boat and film it for others to enjoy. I don’t make money off the series. It’s free. I like to document history and share music and culture and this is one of the ways I do it. In addition to a video series, BWC has also been an installation at Gallery 4Culture, Bumbershoot, Cornish Gallery and Pivot Gallery in Seattle. If you want to perform on or exhibit and screen Boating with Clyde, get in touch.

Watch Boating with Clyde TV online

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