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The agony and the ecstasy of the tour van — cast in cardboard” Crosscut, Brangien Davis. October 2018

"I Have a Long Childhood History with Box Forts" The Stranger, Jasmyne Keimig. November 2018

Animated Transgender Odyssey “Torrey Pines” Is The Year’s Best Film!” Huffington Post, Wes Hurley. October 2016 

Courage in Motion” City Arts, Sarah Galvin. October 2016.

Torrey Pines Is a Handmade Film That Will Make You Feel Wholeheartedly Awesome” The Stranger, Jen Graves. October 2016

Clyde Petersen’s ‘Torrey Pines’ Is a Fascinating Work of Ambient Animation” Seattle Weekly, Kelton Sears. August 2016 

Clyde Petersen's Florida Is a Show-er and a Grower” The Stranger, Jen Graves. October 2015

Clyde Petersen, 2015 Stranger Genius Award Nominee in Film” The Stranger, Sean Nelson. June 2015 

Innovation is Perverted” The Stranger, Jen Graves. December 2014 

Clyde Petersen and his Camera” The Stranger, David Schmader. December 2013 

“Clyde Petersen on 'Torrey Pines,' Star Trek, and Shouting at Richard Simmons” Seattle Weekly, Kelton Sears. December 2013 

“Clyde Petersen's Boating with Clyde at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival” The Stranger, David Schmader. October, 2013 

It gets wetter in Boating with Clyde” The Stranger, Jen Graves September 2013 

“Let’s go Boating with Clyde” 3 Dollar Bill Cinema. September 2013 

Seattle’s Indie Animator Clyde Petersen” Seattle Magazine. March 2011 

“Clyde Petersen Animation” Two if by Sea. October, 2008 

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