Clyde Petersen C/V


Nationally and internationally awarded Filmmaker

World-wide Touring Artist and Musician

GLBTQ Activist and Community builder

Teacher with a wide breadth of animation technique and technical knowledge

Local Gentleman





Road Dogz: Kimya Dawson and Clyde Petersen, Party Hat, Seattle, WA
Look How Far We've Come: A Queer Art Show 902 Feet in the Air, Columbia Center, Seattle, WA
Queer, Cloud Gallery, Seattle, WA


Merch and Destroy, Bellevue Art Museum Solo Exhibition,  Bellevue, WA
Exhale: Clyde Petersen & Ellen Forney, Shift Gallery, Seattle, WA
Shredders, Cold Cube Press Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA 



Clyde-O-Scope, Evergreen College Solo Exhibition, Olympia, WA
Glory Holes, Circle Jerks and Happy Endings, The Factory Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA 
Out Of Sight, Seattle WA
Seattle Art Fair – Guest Speaker

Out of Sauce, Martyr Sauce, Seattle, WA


The Neddy at Cornish, Pivot Gallery, Seattle, WA
Animation Disaster, Bumbershoot Visual Arts Exhibition, Seattle, WA 
Invitational,Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA

Essential Skimming,CAM, Seattle, WA


Sequestered Together: The Dangerous and Lonely World of Animation, Clark College Archer Gallery, Vancouver, WA
Balls Deep: My Year in Florida, Martyr Sauce Solo Exhibition, Seattle, WA



The Neddy at Cornish, Cornish College, Seattle, WA
Boating with Clyde, Henry Art Gallery: Summer Field Studies & Test Site

Boating with Clyde, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, WA
To Be Alone Together, Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA 

Portals, Seattle, WA

Seattle Experimental Animation Team, 4Culture, Seattle, WA



Boating with Clyde: Solo Exhibition, Gallery 4Culture. Seattle, WA
Pride Show, Hard L Gallery, Seattle, WA



Hide//Seek//Difference//Desire//Northwest & Queering the MuseumTacoma, WA. 
Postcard show, Leslie/Lohman Gallery, New York, NY
Seattle Experimental Animation Team, Zeitgeist, Seattle, WA




Amazon Artist Residency, Seattle, WA             
Cucalorus Film Residency, Wilmington, NC



Seattle Municipal Tower, Seattle, WA




Amazon Artist Grant 

Seattle CityArtists Grant 
e4c 4Culture Art Grant



4Culture Individual Artist Grant

Ottawa International Film Festival Special Jury Prize: Torrey Pines 



Neddy at Cornish Award in Open Medium 

New England Foundation for the Art's Touring Grant 

TWIST Special Jury Prize: Torrey Pines

Seattle CityArtists Grant

Jack Straw Artist Support Program Audio Recording Grant 



The Stranger Genius Award



Artist Trust Innovator Award 

4Culture Individual Artist Grant 

City of Seattle Emerging Artist Roster 2014/2015



4Culture / City of Seattle Hazardous Materials Film Project 
Artist Trust GAP Award 



4Culture Individual Artist Grant 
Seattle CityArtists Grant 
Awesome Foundation Grant 



4Culture Individual Artist Grant 
Seattle Youth Arts Grant 
Cannes in a Van - Van d’Or Award for Best Music Film 



Seattle Public Transit Grant 
Humanities of Washington Award 



Seattle CityArtists Grant 



Selected Film Premieres & Screenings


Screenings Highlights include SIFF, SXSW, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Walker Art Gallery, Henry Art Gallery, Bumbershoot, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, University British Columbia and the IFC Film Channel.



Tokyo, Japan: Georama Film Festival - Torrey Pines with live score
Emerson College, Boston, MA. - Torrey Pines with live score for 5 nights
Connecticut College - Torrey Pines with live score

PUSH Festival Vancouver, B.C. - PUSH Festival Vancouver, B.C.

British Film Institute – Torrey Pines with live score at Flare Film Festival (Centerpiece film)
Irish Film Institute – Torrey Pines with live score

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival - Special Jury Award
Mix Copenhagen
Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Cucalorus Festival
Roze Filmdagen: Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival
Holland Animation Film Festival
Bellingham Music Film Festival

Anthology Film Archives

Frameline Film Festival
Rio Festival Gay de Cinema


TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival: Opening Night Gala Film - Torrey Pines (Special Jury Award)


SIFF – My Last Year With the Nuns
Rio Theater Vancouver BC – Gender Failure

PUSH Festival Vancouver, BC – Gender Failure



Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – Boating with Clyde

Local Sightings – Make Good Choices, Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes

London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – Gender Failure

Translations Film Festival – Gender Failure

Chan Centre at UBC – Gender Failure

Dixon Place – Gender Failure



Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – 13 Wayz to Get Hard
Out in the Desert, Tucson Gay Film Festival – 13 Wayz to Get Hard

Transitions Film Festival - On Becoming a Man: Fanning the Flames

Western Washington University - Fanning the Flames Film Program

Portland State University – NLAOF, Already Gone

March First Thursday ArtWalk – Zeitgiest - Not Like Any Other Feeling, Stegosaurus

NWFF - On Becoming a Man: Fanning the Flames - Animated Short Films

Henry Art Gallery – Children of the Maize, Not Like Any Other Feeling, Stegosaurus



OneReel Bumbershoot Film Festival - Not Like Any Other Feeling
Local Sightings – NWFF - Not Like Any Other Feeling & Red Light Bulb
Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Red Light Bulb
IFC – Tiny Hands
Walker Art Gallery – Not Like Any Other Feeling
Transitions Film Festival – Black Velvet

Cannes in the Van – Not Like Any Other Feeling                 



NWFF Larval Amps Screening – Roaming the Earth & Tallymarks

Zietgiest Coffee Art Walk - SEAT Funtacular Animation program

Artist Trust Members BBQ - SEAT Funtacular Animation program

Olympia Film Festival - The Unspeakable

Olympia Film Festival – Last Night on Earth – Shorts Program

NWFF Local Sightings -  Laizzes Les Bon Temps Rouler – Music Video Program

NWFF Local Sightings -  Belly of June - Music Video Program

NWFF Local Sightings -  Gentle Giants – Animated Shorts Program

Northwest Film Forum - The Unspeakable

ATA (Artists Television Access) - Shaky Hands (Already Gone)

Animated Art Program (NWFF&PDXFilm) - Shaky Hands (Already Gone)

Tall Beers and Shirt Shorts Festival (Seattle) – Shenandoah Davis (We;Camera)



Cannes in the Van – Shenandoah Davis (We;Camera)



Premier of Bag of Hammers with The Film Brigade (Chicago, IL)



Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Selection: Cast a Hook in me. (music by Laura Veirs)



SXSW Music Video selection: Secret Someone’s (music by Laura Veirs)



Plan-It-X Fest Video selection. Bloomington, Indiana.



Best-Selling Author of Queer Non-fiction. Whatcom County, Washington.

Projections Film Festival Music Video selection. Whatcom County, Washington.



Projections Film Festival Super-8 selection. Whatcom County, Washington.


Feature Films 

Torrey Pines
My Last Year with the Nuns (animated segments)
Showoff or Shutup! documentary
Plan-it-x Fest, the movie documentary for Plan-It-X Records
Travel Queeries (animated segments) 


Music Videos 

The Thermals Not like any other feeling 
Forbidden Friends Tiny Hands
Quasi Laizzes Les Bon Temps Rouler 
Deerhoof Chandelier Searchlight
Aye Nako Nightcrawler

Bad Moves Crushed Out
Nana Grizol Mississippi Swells
R. Ring Cutter
Laura Veirs Cast a hook in me
Laura Veirs Secret Someone’s
Sean Nelson Make Good Choices
Kimya Dawson Solid and Strong
Portland Cello Project and Thao Tallymarks
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down Bag of Hammers
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down Swimming Pools
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down Travel
Horse Feathers Belly of June
Anais Mitchell Flowers (Eurydice’s Song)
The Shaky Hands Already Gone
The Paper Chase What should we do with your body?
Strong Killings How come you never want to dance?/Stegosaurus

Madeline Red Light Bulb
Triumph of Lethargy, Skinned Alive to Death The Dirty Street

Triumph of Lethargy, Skinned Alive to Death RC and Whiskey

SuperDrum Yes Yes Yall In
SuperDrum Roaming the Earth
Andrew Bird Imitosis (2nd camera)
Jeff Hanson If Only I Knew
Shenandoah Davis We Camera
Low Hums It’s in the air
Low Hums Sunflowers of Doom
Low Hums
Your Heart Breaks Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes
Johanna Kunin Fireflies
Dennis Driscoll Zombiez
Racetrack Pretty 


Short Films 


Little Potato Animated Segments for Wes Hurley
We’ve Been Around Film Series
Dylan Carlson Falling with a 1000 Stars
The Wild World of Pesticides – PSA with 4Culture and the King County HazMat Dept. 

Gender Failure: Live performance with animated films 

I will be your failure
Who do you think you’re fooling Danger Danger Danger
Ghost of a Boy 

Fanning the Flames Animated Short Film Series
Shady Grove Short Film/Karaoke Performance
After Terminal Velocity
13 Wayz to Get Hard 

Boating with Clyde Television series
Children of the Maize. Super-8 Film Short Film Spring Training. Short film co-directed w/Nate Powell 


Selected Performances/Tours

Torrey Pines Japan Tour
Torrey Pines East Coast USA College Tour
PUSH Festival Vancouver, B.C.

Torrey Pines United Kingdom/Ireland Tour
West Coast Your Heart Breaks Tour with Nana Grizol and Wizard Apprentice


Torrey Pines North American Tour October-December
Your Heart Breaks European Tour with Kimya Dawson and Little Wings 



West Coast Your Heart Breaks Tour



West Coast Your Heart Breaks / Nana Grizol tour

Plan-it-X Festival

Your Heart Breaks at the Henry Art Gallery w/Tender Forever
Midwest Your Heart Breaks tour with Kimya Dawson

European Tour with Dylan Carlson


US Tour with Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock/Rob Sonic/DJ Big Wiz
Your Heart Breaks US Tour with Defiance, Ohio, Nana Grizol and Toby Foster

Your Heart Breaks US Tour with Kimya Dawson

Your Heart Breaks US Tour with Kimya Dawson
Your Heart Breaks US Tour with Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets

Your Heart Breaks European Tour with Kimya Dawson
Your Heart Breaks European Tour with Laura Veirs

Your Heart Breaks European Tour with Laura Veirs
Your Heart Breaks US tour with Sex Workers Art Show
The amazing history of Pie: a historical presentation

US tour with Laura Veirs
Your Heart Breaks US tour with Karl Blau
Your Heart Breaks US tour with June Madrona
US tour with Sex Workers Art Show

2001-2005 Various Tours and shows in the United States and Europe



2019 Your Heart Breaks Drone Butch Blues (Sofaburn Records)
2016 Your Heart Breaks Greatest Hits Dance Remix Album
2016 Your Heart Breaks America
2016 Torrey Pines Soundtrack

2012 Your Heart Breaks Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes (Our Summer Records)

2011 Kimya Dawson Thunder Thighs
2011 Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets World Garage (K records)
2010 Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets S/t (K records)
2008 Your Heart Breaks Tour EP w/Karl Blau and Madeline Adams (Do it for the girls)
2008 Your Heart Breaks Love is a long dark road, Love is all you need (MightyMo Records)
2007 Your Heart Breaks Live in Berlin (Do if for the girls)
2006 Your Heart Breaks Sailor System (Don’t Stop Believin’ Records)
Your Heart Breaks New Ocean Waves (Plan-it-x Records)
2005 Your Heart Breaks & The Steve Moore Agency Split CD (KELP! Monthly Audio Zine)
2004 The Milkcrate Rustlers & The Saw Wheel Split 7 inch (Hillbilly Stew Records)
2003 Your Heart Breaks Tales from the Gimli Hospital (MASA Records)
2002 The Milkcrate Rustlers s/t
2001 Your Heart Breaks Kittens
1999 Your Heart Breaks Hula-hoops
1998 Your Heart Breaks s/t

2000–2005 Music & Travel-based Zine. In Your Room. Issues 1-11.



Selected Media


The agony and the ecstasy of the tour van — cast in cardboard” Crosscut, Brangien Davis. October 2018

"I Have a Long Childhood History with Box Forts" The Stranger, Jasmyne Keimig. November 2018

Animated Transgender Odyssey “Torrey Pines” Is The Year’s Best Film!” Huffington Post, Wes Hurley. October 2016 

Courage in Motion” City Arts, Sarah Galvin. October 2016.

Torrey Pines Is a Handmade Film That Will Make You Feel Wholeheartedly Awesome” The Stranger, Jen Graves. October 2016

Clyde Petersen’s ‘Torrey Pines’ Is a Fascinating Work of Ambient Animation” Seattle Weekly, Kelton Sears. August 2016 

Clyde Petersen's Florida Is a Show-er and a Grower” The Stranger, Jen Graves. October 2015

Clyde Petersen, 2015 Stranger Genius Award Nominee in Film” The Stranger, Sean Nelson. June 2015 

Innovation is Perverted” The Stranger, Jen Graves. December 2014 

Clyde Petersen and his Camera” The Stranger, David Schmader. December 2013 

“Clyde Petersen on 'Torrey Pines,' Star Trek, and Shouting at Richard Simmons” Seattle Weekly, Kelton Sears. December 2013 

“Clyde Petersen's Boating with Clyde at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival” The Stranger, David Schmader. October, 2013 

It gets wetter in Boating with Clyde” The Stranger, Jen Graves September 2013 

“Let’s go Boating with Clyde” 3 Dollar Bill Cinema. September 2013 

Seattle’s Indie Animator Clyde Petersen” Seattle Magazine. March 2011 

“Clyde Petersen Animation” Two if by Sea. October, 2008 




Do It for the Girls Productions. Film, Artist Management & Design (owner)



Technical Director at Reel Grrls

Artist Management: Earth, Your Heart Breaks, Laura Veirs

Tour Management: Earth, Your Heart Breaks, Laura Veirs, Kimya Dawson, Aesop Rock, Thao

Animation and Film teacher: Coyote Central, Henry Art Gallery & NWFF, 911 Media, West Woodland

Full time Music Video Director for Kill Rock Stars Records

Assistant Editor World Famous Editorial. Seattle, Washington.



2001 - B.A in Film & Music Production, Western Washington University. Bellingham, Washington. 

1998 - General Studies – Seattle Central Community College. Seattle, Washington.