Your Heart Breaks

Your Heart Breaks is a Seattle-based, indie rock band, led by queer/transgender artist and musician Clyde Petersen (guitar and vocals). Formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1999, Your Heart Breaks has toured the world for 20 years, from North America to Japan and Europe, most recently performing a live score to Clyde Petersen’s stop-motion animated feature film, Torrey Pines. 


Though the lineup varies from show to show, current contributors include Karl Blau (Guitar/Drums/Vocals), Lori Goldston (Cello) (Nirvana, Black Cat Orchestra), Kimya Dawson (Vocals) (Juno), Kyle Field (Guitar/Vocals) (Little Wings), Dylan Carlson (Guitar)(Earth) and Adrienne Davies (Percussion) (Earth) and a wealth of amazing Northwest musicians who drop in from time to time.


Your Heart Breaks Website


ManDate: This Limpwave grunge band from Seattle, Washington features Clyde Petersen, Marc Mazique, Corey J. Brewer and Lori Goldston. With a focus on extremely depressing events and horrible trends in cultural oppression, ManDate sings about the state of affairs in the world: the murders of people of color and transgender people, the changing landscape of Seattle, the gentrification around the world and queer safety and survival.

ManDate Bandcamp