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Your Heart Breaks

Your Heart Breaks is the indie pop vision of Northwest musician, artist and filmmaker, Clyde Petersen. In a drafty house full of artists in Bellingham, Washington in 1998, Petersen learned to weave experimental, textural sounds into traditional melodic pop progressions. Between the dirty dishes, overflowing ashtrays, empty 40-ounce Lucky Lager bottles and Y2K-induced anxiety of the world, Clyde’s lyric-driven songs found form and comfort in describing the analog aspects of a lifetime steeped in D.I.Y. culture. Love, friendship, late-night adventures, obscure films and literature, queer identity and self-reflection are often topics you’ll find Petersen pondering. For 25 years, Your Heart Breaks has centered the importance of musical collaboration and has created recordings with LAKE, Kimya Dawson, Karl Blau, R. Ring, Danny Denial, Lori Goldston, Earth and Wynne Greenwood to name a few.


Your Heart Breaks Website


ManDate: This Limpwave grunge band from Seattle, Washington features Clyde Petersen, Marc Mazique, Corey J. Brewer and Lori Goldston. With a focus on extremely depressing events and horrible trends in cultural oppression, ManDate sings about the state of affairs in the world: the murders of people of color and transgender people, the changing landscape of Seattle, the gentrification around the world and queer safety and survival.

ManDate Bandcamp

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